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Aria the Avvenire (Dub)

Aria the Avvenire (Dub)
Othername: ARIA The AVVENIRE
Type: Special
Released: 2015
Status: Completed
Genre: Fantasy Sci-Fi Shounen Slice of Life
Now that Akari Mizunashi is a Prima Undine and head of the Aria Company with her own apprentice, Ai Aino, she can't help but reminisce about her time as a Single. She has new responsibilities and much less time on her hands, but these changes bring with them new forms of miracles that Neo Venezia can give. Growing up into new roles is hard, but Akari can always count on the friends she's made on Aqua in times of need.

Aria the Avvenire (Dub) Episode List

  1. Aria the Avvenire (Dub) Episode 1
  2. Aria the Avvenire (Dub) Episode 2
  3. Aria the Avvenire (Dub) Episode 3