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A.LI.CE (Dub)

A.LI.CE (Dub)
Type: Movie
Released: 2000
Status: Completed
Genre: Sci-Fi
In the year 2000, Alice Hayashi wins a trip to the moon in a sweepstake. However, when her shuttle launches, something goes terribly wrong, and the next thing she knows, she has crashed somewhere in a frozen wasteland. Before she can get her bearings, strange soldiers begin to attack her, forcing her to flee. Eventually, Alice meets a young man called Yuan, who tells her that she is in Lapland in the year 2030. The soldiers pursuing her belong to Nero, an enigmatic leader who controls the world through his supercomputer. He is also responsible for reducing the Earth's population by over seven billion. Convinced that Nero has something to do with her time jump, Alice, Yuan, and the android maid Maria journey to Kingdom, the shadowy fortress that Nero rules from.

A.LI.CE (Dub) Episode List

  1. A.LI.CE (Dub) Episode 1